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Follow the methods below, restore Windows photo viewer right now! CASE 1. Windows 10 is upgraded from Windows 7/8.1 CASE 2. Windows 10 is from aIf your Windows 10 is upgraded from Windows 7/8.1, you just need to set Windows Photo Viewer as default app to find it back. Here's how you can restore the Windows Photo Viewer in … Steps to get back Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10. 1. First open Notepad and then copy and paste the following text5. Now right click on an image and then Look for more apps, select Windows Photo Viewer. Check the option Always use this app to open .jpg files. Windows Photo Viewer 7 For Windows 7 Windows 7 has a default picture viewer called Windows Photo Viewer which is similar the one in Windows Vista. Even though Microsoft have changed the look and feel ofBut make sure you have the backup of the original PhotoViewer.dll file too, just in case you need to bring back the old look. How to reset windows photo viewer in Windows 10

How to Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 |… How to Factory Reset Windows 10.Windows Photo Viewer is now set as your default photo viewing app. Simply open any photo and it will be opened in Windows Photo Viewer.Windows 10’s stock Photos app is quite slow, and the traditional Windows Photo Viewer proves to be a good... How To Change Default Photo Viewer on Windows 8 So here is how you can change the default application for any images in Windows 8. Right click an image, go to “Open with > Choose default program …”The next time when you open an image it will no longer go to the metro Photos app, instead you can enjoy what it was like in Windows 7 and prior. How do I uninstall Photo Viewer in Windows 7 home… How do I find which Windows Photo Viewer for my OS WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM?Hi have home premium anytime upgrade that i had problems with microsoft told me to uninstall program then put my product key in for original windows 7 starter can you please help Trish… read more.

How to get Windows Photo Viewer back in Windows 10 - CNET Laptops How to get Windows Photo Viewer back in Windows 10. I don't hate the new Photos app, but I do love the old Windows Photo Viewer. How to Reset Windows Picture & Fax Viewer to the Default ... Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is the native image viewer application included with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. For Windows 7 it has been replaced by Windows Photo Viewer, which offers the same functions. Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 - Page 7 ...

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