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Later, when Naruto began training to master wind chakra, he came to Asuma, who was also a wind-type user, for help. Asuma agreed to give him pointers, if he agreed to pay for his team's next meal which, Naruto forgot, included Choji. Jeu MMORPG Officiel Naruto en Ligne - Naruto Online "Naruto Online" est l'un des jeux MMORPG en ligne les plus populaires en France ! Le jeu de Naruto est officiellement autorisé par Bandai Namco. Participez à ce jeu ... Countering the Mirror Genjutsu as Midnight Blade : naruto_online Countering the Mirror Genjutsu as Midnight Blade (self.naruto_online) submitted 2 years ago by Davhero171 Copy Paste Post that I made on the Naruto Online forums.

After hearing that Asuma had been killed in a battle with Akatsuki, Kakashi decided to lead Team 10 in avenging him, as Naruto had already advanced in his training beyond needing Kakashi's assistance.

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