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Comme promis, Lionhead a rapidement mis en ligne un premier patch pour Black & White 2, dont la sortie chez nous est toujours prévue pour jeudi prochain. Black & White 2 Patch v1.1 - Free Download - FilePlanet Download Black & White 2 Patch v1.1. Required patch for Black & White 2... Patch 1.2 | Black and White Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Patch 1.2 was the second patch created for Black & White. Its notes are displayed below: Patch Notes: Black & White Patch v1.2 Readme 17th May 2002 ***UNSUPPORTED***

Black and White 2 1.1 patch - Software Patch The Black and White 2 1.1 update patch contains performance enhancements, fixes and adjustments to balances in the gameplay. Important: any save games from version 1.0 of Black and White 2 are not compatible with this 1.1 update. EA advises that if you have old save games, it is recommended... Black & White 2 - v 1.1 Patch patch Black and White... : LoneBullet Description Save games from the retail version of Black & White 2 (i.e. Version 1.0), are not compatible with the v1.1 patch. If you have old save games, it is recommended that they are removed from your 'My Documents'->'Black & White 2'->'Profiles' folder beLionhead has released the first patch for... Game Patches: Black & White 2 - 1.01 Patch | MegaGames "Here at Lionhead, we wanted a 'Black & White 2' patch ready for the launch date. Today is the official launch date so as promised, after many sleepless days and nights; the v1.1 B&W 2 patch is available here. This patch addresses a few issues that were found after shipping the game to the manufacturer... Black & White 2 - v 1.1 Patch | v11 | DS-Servers

Running Black and White on modern PC's | Patching Black and White is a DirectX 7 game, which means you can use the excellent dgVoodoo 2 wrapper software to run the game using the more modern DirectX 11 APII wouldn’t recommend installing patch 1.3 unless you have the p5 glove… It’s the only addition since 1. 2 so just install that one instead. Patch 1.2 - Black & White II Downloads | GameWatcher Download Patch 1.2. More Black & White II Mods. This patch will update your game to version 1. 2. File name. Downloads. Black & White Running & Patch Installation Issues... -…

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